Every day in Ukraine are imported by aircraft currency

Every day in Ukraine are imported by plane dollars

Ukrainians buy dollars at an accelerated pace.

Excessive demand for foreign currency observed in the last days in Ukraine. Every day at Boryspil airport for landing the aircraft with cash. It is reported ubr.ua with reference to managing Director of Credit Optima Bank Igor Lvov.

According to him, even before the New year the Ukrainians had two or three planes a week. Brought the cache are not left in exchange, and under the net sale to the population for payment of deposits and remittances.

However, now the situation has changed.

Now the Ukrainians almost do not sell foreign currency, even if it is necessary. Expect the rate will soar even higher. As a result, banks forced to buy dollars and euros abroad and to fly them into the country.

“Consumed by PrivatBank and Oschadbank - they have the largest network of branches. But already their dollars and euros go to other financial institutions. Driven from Frankfurt storage banks of England, Switzerland and Germany located in this city,” - explained Igor Lvov.

However, he found it difficult to answer how much cash transports each plane.

“This is a commercial secret, and such information is only in a very narrow circle of people. But definitely European banks will not take less than $1 million,” he concluded.

As reported, in Ukraine, inflation accelerated.

Earlier, the Cabinet allowed the Treasury to keep the budget in foreign currency.

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