Mankind came close to a global catastrophe – scientists

Человечество вплотную приблизилось к глобальной катастрофе – ученые

Named the only way to avoid global catastrophe

May soon be crossed “point of no return” in the destruction of the ice shield of Antarctica. Its destruction will lead to enormous disaster.

At the Potsdam Institute of climate change, scientists have learned that can save the ice sheet in West Antarctica from extinction. It is reported by Science Alert.

Experts say that mankind came as close as possible to the time that can be crossed the point of no return on this issue. If the ice sheet melts, the global sea level to rise three metres under water and some will leave new York, Shanghai and Tokyo.

According to the researchers, the only way to save the ice can at least 7,4 trillion tons of artificial snow. It will need to be sprayed for 10 years, so he compacted and pressed the glacier to the underlying rock.

While technically feasible such a plan is extremely difficult. You will need about 12 thousand wind turbines, but they will have a devastating impact on the ecosystem. Therefore, the best solution remains the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Earlier it was reported that in Alaska, the burning of the forest because of the record heat. The Correspondent also wrote that scientists have predicted global catastrophe because of the volcano.

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