Test of attention: mission accomplished

Тест на внимание к себе: миссия выполнима

Launched a week ago in Ukraine challenge on the theme of prevention of cancer has received tremendous support companies. It was attended by doctors, the famous Ukrainian bloggers and ordinary Ukrainians.

In this short time to challenge joined about 500 thousand people, who have placed posts with the hashtag #Abrogates.

We all know how dangerous cancer. Alas, such a diagnosis may be a complete surprise for a man who yesterday were confident in his health, because cancer is a very long time does not manifest itself. And Yes, some cancer in the short term can lead to death. So why do so many of us still blithely refer to prevention when it comes to health?

“People rarely come to the oncologist just for an annual check, especially those who plays sports, eats right and has no bad habits. But these “sports” only 3-5%, — says Oleksandr Stakhovsky, urologist-oncologist of the highest category Oncology Center “Dobrobut”. — That’s why we have created an online test to raise public awareness about the potential risks of developing cancer, as well as to identify groups of people predisposed to the disease, based on existing proven risk. The fact is that not everyone has the opportunity to undergo genetic testing (this is a more valid method for detecting oncopathologies, but also more expensive), and answer the questions online test can anyone, who has access to the Internet. And this is a totally free procedure”.

Тест на внимание к себе: миссия выполнима



The sooner the better

The fact that “everything was fine and suddenly” is not true. As the practice of medicine, long before the fatal development of the disease the body is signaled that it is not all right. Here’s why you should not wait until the thunder clap. Currently, the main problem in the treatment of most patients with cancer – late diagnosis.

The Ukrainian doctors have noted that in our country people often seek medical assistance at III-IV stages of disease, when treatment is time-consuming and costly, and the probability of a successful outcome cannot be guaranteed. At the same time, the success of treatment for stage I-II is over 90%.

Online testing: five minutes for myself

As Alexander Stakhovsky, it is important to understand that this test is designed for people who feel healthy, but they just don’t have time to visit a doctor to check. Many consider themselves healthy and don’t want to change their way of life or to give up bad habits, not trusting the doctors. Answering questions online test, the person learns what to look for in the future, think about how health is affected by habits, a particular type of appearance and also think about the presence of a genetic tendency (when cancer was in the immediate family).

Medicine never give absolute guarantees, and even in people with low risk according to the results of the test may be found one or another form of cancer now or in 2-3 years, because the risks are given in the test according to the existing statistics of cancer and their links with different risk factors. And statistics – is often confidence intervals 93-95% of cases. That is, there are always some exceptions.

The Ukrainian challenge #Abrogates – a clear proof that such a simple tool like online test proposed by “Dobrobut”medical network,may indeed contribute to changing mindsets about their health. Moreover, as shown by the history of famous bloggers and people joining this challenge, the number of those for whom a preventive approach to health became a reality just a week of holding the challenge has increased significantly. This means that people who turn to incompatibilists in time, becomes more every day.

You see, the mission of caring for yourself it is doable!

Join us!