Space station China sank in the Pacific ocean

Космическая станция Китая затонула в Тихом океане

Tiangong-2 was in orbit for more than 1000 days

The wreckage of the station, the Tiangong-2 fell in a pre-approved safe zone in the South Pacific ocean.

Chinese space station Tiangong-2 (heavenly Palace-2) planning, descended from orbit and completed its mission. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the manned space program of the PRC on Friday, 19 July.

“Chinese space manned space laboratory Tiangong-2 in Friday 21.06 Beijing time (16.06 in Kiev) is back in the Earth’s atmosphere, a small amount of debris fell into the previously established safe zone in the South Pacific ocean”, – stated in the message.

Tiangong-2 stopped working in orbit the night before, followed by its controlled deorbit. The report emphasizes that “the successful completion of the controlled return to the atmosphere of the lab, Tiangong-2 is talking about flawless execution of the manned space program China all tasks”.

Manned space laboratory Tiangong-2 in orbit since September of 2016. Its main task was the reception manned and cargo space vehicles, and testing medium-orbit astronauts, refueling, and conducting a number of scientific and applied experiments. Tiangong-2 was the second orbital lab China, its length was 10.4 meters, diameter of 3.35 meters and a weight of 8.6 tons.

Tiangong-2 was in orbit for more than 1000 days, although originally it was planned that it will withdraw from the orbit through the two years of operation.

We recall that in April of 2018 descended from orbit the first Chinese space station Tiangong-1. She stayed in space for over six years. In the last two years the connection with the station was lost.

It was also reported that China is developing its own space station. In 2020 it is planned to start the module, which will be its main part.

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